Sunday, April 12, 2009

We set Rita free.

Sparky renamed Jemayla when she came to stay. Rita. I couldn't have survived these, the loneliest months I've ever experienced, had it not been for my dear friend, my sister.

I had a dream last night that she was dating Russell Crowe on the side. She also was running a booth out of the back of a trailer at a fair. It was a dunk-tank with a plastic shark in it. They shut her down because she didn't have the proper licensing for that type of operation. Her husband was very sad in my dream. I was very sad when I woke up and realized she was really gone.

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Glo said...

She's not gone... just somewhere else. Somewhere that a phone or a Skype works. I'm glad that you had a sister to share these lonely months. I wished that I could have been there. Thanks, Rita for being there.