Monday, April 20, 2009

With the best intentions.

How do I always do end up doing this?
I'm not speaking specifically about putting random objects on my children's heads (although, I often find myself doing that, too) but really, I mean, how do I always end up irritating my kids just to take pictures?
Sparky has taken to yelling "NO MOMMY" when I pull out my camera. If Iggy could talk... well the looks he gives me say it all.
My name is Megan Marie and I have an addiction to taking random photos.
I really do have the best intentions. My boys will witness details of their lives that would usually fall through the time-cracks. Grandparents will ooOOoo and awwwwe. 
Does Iggy really want to remember this sort of torture?
He's like a little shriner! It's so funny!
No Megan! Stop. 
This is not cute. This is sad.

Next time we go to the thrift store I promise to leave my camera at home.
I am a pictureholic. Don't they say that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem? 
Next on the list: stop birthing such adorable children.


Random Hiccups said...

AHK! So incredibly cute! Love love love!

I have just made mental notes... One day when I have a kid, I am so going to a thrift store with a camera!

Glo said...

I love how you make everyday things so fun. They will love you for your craziness and you're teaching them that there can be pleasure in the small things. I love the pics and eventually they will, too. I love you, Mom

The Rowburys said...

I LOVE THIS PICTURES!!!!!!! This will be the pictures that they will cherish when they are older and they will remember how crazy their Mom was back then!! Love it!!!