Sunday, May 10, 2009

sunny snapshot: our mothers.

My husband's mother taught him how to treat a woman with respect and tenderness.
My mother taught me how to be a mother. She taught me to love my divine calling.
Our mothers loved us from our beginnings. 

What a remarkable legacy.


Margaret said...


Carolyn said...

Thanks for your comment last week! I am such a slacker...

So YOU are the adorable genius behind the foot blog! I've seen your link a few times. I never knew feet could be so interesting, and....cute! Probably because i've lived with monster man/hand feet my whole life.

I have come to terms though and decided that my feet are the best when they are dirty and bare...cause that means i have been living ;) The dorkiest thing is that for years i wouldn't even show my feet!! Now i couldn't even care less...they take me places!! Run races, jump on beds, play footsies, and even pick up laundry. Basically, feet rock!...especially mine ;)

here's my proof:

Your photos are beautiful, btw...hope you have a wonderful day!

Carolyn said...

It would be the truest form of foot acceptance!!...I don't mind if you post it at all. at this stage in my life i'm shameless ;)

I've been browzing...i love both your blogs! you are amazingly creative.

looking forward to your, sure to be, scummiest foot post... :)