Wednesday, May 6, 2009

sunny snapshot: unedited sass

Unedited photo of my spunky-sweet boy. Sparky still happy on a day when he was kicked in the face by a kid on a swing and later fell off a chair, hitting his lip on a table edge. He is a constant reminder to me that we are not our circumstances.
Lately I have realized that I've been changing my photos in post-production quite a bit. Although I always like the finished projects, and I believe that people who work in photoshop are their own category of artists, I also love photography in it's purest forms. Film processing, for me, was like gold. Now I take mostly digital photos because 1) I am much too poor to do anything else 2) I love to take a million and a half pictures of everything, every day, and 3) I think that advances in technology are blessings to be used to enrich lives.

Today I wanted to take a step back. 

Photography makes my heart skip a beat, in most any form. But especially when it captures the purest joys of LOVE LOVE LOVE. This photo has "sunny" written all over it.

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