Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The time has come again, my friends.

I am in serious need of a silly girl photo-shoot. Leave a message with a possible theme if you'd like to join me in this very necessary romp. Please join me, fanciful females.
Not familiar with silly girls? Check out our tea parties here.
Has anyone seen these white pants? I miss them. Click here for pirate photos.

I fully expect to be hearing from you if you are in the Rexburg area, even if we've never met. 


Laura said...

Dance party, Prairie, Bumpkins, Dolls, photo booth, hobos, mud fight... so much silliness! I'm going to think up some themes and post them on our site.

Glo said...

I want to romp!!!! Can I come and play? I'm sure it would be worth the drive. LOL
Love ya,

Jasmine said...

well gosh, i certainly wish that i lived in the rexburg area! these photo shoots look like tons and TONS of fun!