Monday, June 29, 2009

Hair-style tutorial

I have had a few requests for instructions to create my hairstyle from this post.  Since I was going to post a picture of my change to red anyway, I thought it was an opportune time.

1) Divide your hair into 5 sections. 4 of these sections are going to be braided, the fifth (in the far back) just needs to be pulled up out of the way.
I usually leave my part in the normal place, but changing your part will change the whole look of the hairstyle, so try it any way you'd like!

2) French braid the 4 sections. This video is sort of quiet, but I hope you can understand what I am saying. You can use a regular french-braid, but I usually change my braiding pattern a little bit. Check out the video for how I do it.

Character in the braids is what gives it the best look! Don't freak out if they aren't perfect. I honestly think they look better a little messy.

3) Divide the left-over hair down the center (or near center) and pull the braids on the sides into two pony tails.

4) Remove any extra hair-ties and create a messy-bun on each side.

5) To give it a more finished look, follow what I do in the video. I don't really know what to call it, but I am just tucking the buns into my hair. 

6) Pin it anyway you'd like in the back with bobby pins. I love the "I just threw it up and it was fabulous" look, and the best way to get that is to mess with it as little as possible.
Every time I try it it comes out different. It is always the cutest when my hair is super oily and disgusting. I also like to wear a head-band over the top. Have fun experimenting! 


timewilltell said...

Thank you SO MUCH for doing this!! :)

Glo said...

I can't beleive how long your hair is getting.

Photography By Jo said...

Super cute!

Schows said...

So glad you did this! I keep meaning to ask you how. When I was home I was playing with my five year old niece Stella and I found myself trying to do that braid in her hair... never found a groove, haha. Thank you for the tutorial! The Thumbelina pictures are beautiful and soft, I love them.

Jessica Bjorn said...

So cool. I am going to try it (doubt I have enough hair though). It would be awesome to see more hair tutorials; you always have the cutest hairs styles!!!!
- Jess

the mama monster said...

yeah! thanks for doing this. summer hair = braids.