Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Husband of the year

Yesterday I had a rough day. Duke pulled out a surprise gift he'd been saving for me. This necklace was a favorite I had pointed out to him online. It needs to be a little fluffed out from shipping, but it is simply gorgeous. 
And this ring is charming, right? Also from an online company that I'm about to sell you on. Go here.
How does he do it? He picks up everything I drop when I decide to stop juggling. He loves me even when I don't brush my teeth for two days. And he finds a way to gift me special treats, even when we are poor students. I am his. Completely. 


Brieanna said...

What a sweetheart. It gives me goosebumps, they say good men are hard to find, thank goodness they found us. Beautiful necklace and ring by the way. I'm also sorry to hear you're having a rough time, if you ever need to talk or complain, I'm totally here. I hope you feel better.
your sister, Brie

Glo said...

He totally gets brownie points from me. I love how you both take care of eachother and what a great team you are. I'm sorry that you hade a rough day; but, I know that he takes good care of you....Still... it's not like your Mom. :) LOL