Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the lazy parent's way

We took Iggy out to eat for his birthday. He hates restaurants. 

I didn't even make a cake!

I am determined to make this up to him.
Highlights of his special day included:

The above picture. Look at his hands. "Rock on, I'm one."

Wrestle party in our room. 
Peek-a-boo under the table.
Sparky's magic potion.

Presents, you ask? Cake? Friends? Singing? Wait, there was singing! We sang "happy birthday" like 12 times through the day, mostly to cover our guilt at not planning anything grand. But he loved it anyway. 

We'll have a take-two, perhaps.


Brieanna said...

I love the picture of duke and iggy. That's the sweetest exchange I have ever seen. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a father love his children. I don't think you're lazy by the way and I'm sure that Iggy's feelings weren't hurt. You're a good mom and he knows it.

Margaret said...

Happy birthday Iggy!