Wednesday, June 3, 2009

small treasure

I like to make little bouquets of unwanted plants. Clover, grass (gone to seed), fresh dandelion. 
Expired dandelion, past-bloomed blossom, pruned tree branch.
I usually just arrange them into a little presentation of color, admire the combination, then toss them up in the air and let the components fall, scattered. Usually I like the pattern they make when they land. If I don't, I will pick them up and start over. 

Sheer delight at finding a lady-bug. It always feels like a treat to see one. I especially love when they find me first and someone points them out on my shirt. It makes me feel special. 


jen said...

I love finding ladybugs too! Actually, I saw one today...almost stepped on her....but don't worry, i didn't!

Megan Marie said...

wooo, close one. Squashed lady bug is in the "three legged dog" category of sad.