Thursday, June 18, 2009

this is really happening

For the past few weeks the thought that I might not actually be pregnant has been haunting me. I took another pregnancy test yesterday, just so I wouldn't show up at my ultrasound and have to listen to them say, "um, there's nothing in there."

These feelings have hindered my attachment to the baby that I was not entirely sure even existed.

When they showed me the little face, and hands and feet, and when he/she wiggled about... oooo, my little baby won my heart.

And then when I was loading the pictures of the ultrasound onto my computer, this picture of the boys imported along side. It suddenly hit me that we are a three-kid family! AND we make a most adorable little babies EVER.

By the way, cutting Sparky's hair was the saddest thing I've done in a while. It was so beautiful, but he was so sweaty and miserable. He has a massive mop and this is going to be a long summer.

Anyway, back to the bathing beauty. Here's a wave for you all!

Don't worry if you think he/she is a little strange-looking. I'm not done yet. Give me until December 30th or thereabout.


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Sooo cute! Your kids actually are so adorable. Aww :) :) :) xx

chelsea said...

I can't wait to see the little tiger!

Random Hiccups said...

aw! So exciting! Congratulations!

Scott and Stacia said...

You will be a great mom of 3 :) Hope this pregnancy treats you well!!

Stephanie and Todd said...

Congrats Megan!! That's so exciting! So is Dec 30th your due date? How fun!