Monday, June 29, 2009

your lovely daughters

Thank you. As I was looking through the pictures I took today I realized something phenomenally important. There will always ALWAYS be women in my life.
Let me expound. The thought that I might have a pack of males overrunning my home, and that I might never bring a daughter into the world has been troubling me.
But today I took pictures of some of the most beautiful young ladies in existence. And I realized I will always have the opportunity to care for them, and other women. Not as a mother, but as a mentor, a teacher, a friend.
I am a daughter and a sister and I will always be connected to women that way. I have glorious friends that exemplify womanhood in its most graceful form. I will hopefully be able to serve in church positions such as the young women's program, relief society, and primary, where I will influence and be influenced by so many ladies, young and old.
At the moment I realized this... that I have and will always have a connection to other females... I had to hold back tears of relief, and gratitude.
Gratitude for my lovely friends who let me adore their baby girls, and make them flower clips for their hair. Gratitude for a mother and mother-in law, for sisters and cousins, and aunts. Gratitude for a loving Heavenly Father who meets our needs in so many ways that we do not always recognize.
Sweet relief.
More of their darling pictures here.


Laura said...

All those pictures are amazing Megan! And goodness knows you've mothered me plenty of times!

The pictures are seriously amazing and so are you.

Emily said...

so adorible! I so wanted to come, and I even had an outfit perfect for Sara. Please invite me again next time. :(

Jessica Bjorn said...

Beautiful pictures! Beautiful Message! I love your blog. I am curious, would you be interested in a phone interview. I am thinking of starting a blog/podcast about women and their life philosophies?!

Megan Marie said...

Jess, sure, just let me know when. :)

Scott and Stacia said...

Those pictures are amazing. I too wonder if I will have a girl to join my boys. I am not pregnant but I do have cute dresses awaiting a girl..that I might not have. I love how inspiring your blog is! Love ya!

Kelsie Lynn said...

Wooww. These are just so beautiful

Jessica Bjorn said...

Thanks Megan. It will be fun, I just need to get it all put together!!!