Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dear Tamsin

Little Sister,

You held hands with a boy for the first time. This makes me giddy, and a little bit frightened. When I come, we are going to re-arrange and redecorate your room. We will bake goodies and heart attack your friends. Plus you can tell me all about your honors classes and play practice and I will try not to fall asleep while you are talking.

Oh, and did I mention the face-paint photoshoot I have planned for you?

There are only 4 people living at home now. Mom, Dad, Emily, and You. How did my apartment with Duke suddenly become more crowded than your home? It's weird.

Can't wait to invade for a few months. Weeeee get to share a room again! Hooray!

I love you.



perfectly peri said...

sounds like absolute fun.


Margaret said...

:)! Sisters are so fun

j.peri said...

she has a beautiful name.
where did that come from?


Megan Marie said...

She narrowly escaped being called "Vashtey", although the name has a certain appeal. Tamsin is a welch version of Thomasina, I guess, and My parents are fans of all that Irish-sounding stuff.

I love her name. Though occasionally people call her "Tampon". :)