Thursday, July 30, 2009

Duke and my Dad

My Duke is the best kind of daddy. Here he is letting Sparky ram into him with the swing and nock him over.
There are some things about my dad that I married in Duke. I guess because Duke was so young when we met, I never noticed these similarities, but as we've started our family certain traits that were just buds have blossomed.

My dad was famous for playing a game that he called "Gollum" when I was growing up. All the kids at the playground ran from him as he tromped around, pretending to be a monster. The game had more rules and conditions, and attracted crowds of many, many children. My dad was there for anyone who needed a father to play with.

I smiled as I watched Duke yesterday. He is my prince charming.
I guess I was subconsciously watching for these traits while I was dating.

What about your dad do you love and hope for, or see, in your prince charming?


Brieanna said...

It's so funny because Joe is like that too and I never really thought about it, but so was my dad. He played kick the can with all the neighborhood kids, arranged baseball games, and was the director of all my brother and my silly childhood home videos. Joe is always willing to be obliging and he loves it when everyone is involved. But I guess it makes sense that he's like your dad, he grew up with him.

Very sweet post, how is Duke these days?

Margaret said...

Leif is similar to my dad in lots of ways. Everyday its more evident. I love it. I heard you usually are attracted to men/women who are like your father/mother.