Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First try, and already rusty

This was my first try taking kid pictures with my lensbaby! When I use it, the light meter on my camera doesn't get a reading, and I have to shoot completely manually. Plus the focus is so wacky! I realized how much I have been relying on my camera to do the thinking for me!

Next time they'll be even better because... When I took off the lens at the end of the day, there was a GIANT fingerprint on the inside!
We found this little fun-center in Idaho Falls, and the kids reveled in the rides!
Then we went to the Idaho Falls Zoo and Sparky wasn't even scared of the animals. He did keep saying, "they're not going to get me" quietly to his self. What a trooper.
I looked like my dad in my earliest memories of him. Carrying Iggy in a kid back-pack, with a fanny pack fashioned from a sun-hat that Sparky didn't want to wear, and sporting my fedora. I had a sort-of realization that I am the parent/pack animal now. I'm honored and a little tired.
When I take pictures this way, I do not allow myself any post-production exposure changes (brightness/contrast, color, or any of that) I must polish the rust. But I tell you what; it feels good to create something with a challenge!

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Greg and Michelle said...

I love how he tells himself "They are not going to get me." What a cutie!