Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Five a day

This post is inspired by Jayne who just started a new blog called the daily 5.
Five things I adore about the loves of my life:

Dear Duke,

1. Your swim-trunk pockets are always filled with pretty rocks
2. You read to me, and you even do the voices
3. You never give in when I try to get you to skip school
4. You don't like how grass feels but you'll sit with me in it anyway
5. I want to be with you, for always

Dear Sparky,

1. You ask me if I'm happy several times a day
2. You call me "mom" with the tone a teenager might use
3. When you get sad you ask to hold your "baby sister" (I hope for your sake it's a girl)
4. You check out of the corner of your eye to see if I'm watching before you pull a stunt
5. I could not imagine, and would not want, my life with out you

Dear Iggy,

1. Your face expressions are so hilarious and they always catch me off guard
2. You give the best hugs and kisses
3. When Duke and I chant your name, you get hyped up and start growling and rampaging
4. You always try to help me with my chores
5. I am so glad you came to our family, and it wouldn't be complete with out you

I hope beauty floods your Tuesday, everybody!


emily said...

what a great way to look at your day--- top five. i positively love it.

Laura said...

SO cute. You're all my fave!

Glo said...

Thanks for this post. I love looking into your life. Hey, when do you find out boy or girl for Liam?