Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Full house

Prior reports have stated the existence of six kittens under my bed.
I recounted. There are seven. And one deliciously loving mommy cat.
The story:

She chose us. When we came home from vacation there was one very pregnant feline on our doorstep. This is no ordinary stray. She appears to have been dropped off by an unhappy owner at the onset of pregnancy. House-trained. Loves the boys. Deliciously lovely.

I let her in (thank you, Duke, for loving me so much), made her a pork dinner, and fell in love. I know I am not supposed to name strays, because then I start getting attached so I cheated and asked Sparky, "what is her name?" He said, "she step-on-me." So I named her Stefoni (like Gwen).

The shelter here is only open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 3-6! So we took her in on Sunday night, she had her babies on Monday night, and I am too much in love to let her sit in a little cage for the next 5 weeks while she and her babies are inseparable and unadoptable.

Too bad our apartment doesn't allow us a cat. Or 8 cats.

Look close at the kittens, then tell me, what would you do?

If you know someone near Rexburg that might be willing to take them for a few weeks until they are ready to be adopted, let me know!!!


The Henderson Family said...

Unfortunately We're allergic so I can't help you, but they are adorable! I would take then to that animal adoption place on main street, or at least call them and see what they recommend.

Stephanie and Todd said...

How cute and funny! Also, my Grand-mother calls me "Step-on-me" so Stefoni was a good choice! :)

Greg and Michelle said...

They are so cute!!! It is fate! Keep them ;) If only right!?

Megan Marie said...

michelle! shocking! from a former manager! just kidding, i bet you had all sorts of secret shenanigans going in your apartment, too.

Glo said...

You could call your cousin in I.F.,Renee Cook,Emily wants to come up and get them ourselves.we have not told Fitz that she has been, Dad and Emily