Friday, July 31, 2009

I was going to buy one of those signs that says "simplify" but it just would have been more junk for my walls.

This is what we are doing today.
Every impulse from my brain is telling me, "Grab that stuff before someone buys it! It's useful!"

That's how I grew up. We do not let go of things. Duke and I, while driving down to visit his mom (that's where we are now), decided that when we return to our apartment we are going to give away everything but the bones of our home.

We must have been really adamant in our resolve, for we thought Sparky had been sleeping through our discussion, but as we pulled into Wells, Nevada, a small voice from the backseat squeaked, "I want to purge my life."

I think that was the go-ahead for the mass toy-exodus.

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The life of Jayne said...

I find myself looking at that Garage Sale picture, and thinking that I want something there... :) Then I just realized that I am like you and my mind was saying "Grab that stuff before someone buys it! It's useful!" I love that quote!