Wednesday, July 1, 2009

it's just a theory

A few months ago, I started started forming a theory. The theory is this:

The condition of a shared bedroom, especially a marriage bedroom, reflects some aspect of the condition of the occupants' relationship.

Case 1: An incredibly frilly room, that has been completely emasculated, might symbolize a trend in a marriage. Perhaps the aspect it reflects is communication, and the wife may be stepping on her spouse's dialogue, just a little. Perhaps.
Case 2: The husband's belongings are spilling from his closet and drawers, and effecting the overall peace and tranquility of the room. Maybe, lately, he has not had as much time for his sweetheart as she would like. It could be that their date nights have been taken over by study groups and paper research.
The more I think about it, analyzing your own room might be a little like reading tea leaves. We all have need for improvement in our companionships, and pretty much anything could symbolize that need. But it's been fun to think about.
Anyone dying to hear about our room? Let's see...

1. Dirty laundry EVERYWHERE
2. Stacks of change where Duke empties his pockets in a different spot each evening
3. Bobby pins, as numerous as the sands of the seas
4. Our guitars and ukulele hanging on the walls, along with a few wedding photos
5. Kid toys, perfectly positioned as late-night booby-traps
And I feel as if I've never been happier.
Well, it was just a theory.


Carolyn said...

I'm gonna go ahead and assume my bedroom reflects our stage in life. Little kids= little time for cleaning. Cause if it reflects our are we in trouble ;)

Love the Gob re-inaction :) Coincidentally i have had "Final Countdown" stuck in my head for like, a week. Do do do do....DU du du du dooo!

Laura said...

It was either you or Blue Lily that I told "I feel like if I could get a glimpse of the person's bedroom that I'm taking pictures of I'd know better what they expect from me." I TOTALLY know what you mean! Bedrooms say a lot about about people.
If we even had a bedroom right now I'd tell you all about it. I really look forward to the day that I can show you ours.
To me, your theory is spot on.

Margaret said...

Our clothes are everywhere on the floor, with lots of shoes. And there are burp cloths in our bed:)

Megan Marie said...

Carolyn, I love that you caught Duke's Gob tribute. He made that picture his profile shot on facebook. I love being married to a nerd.

Laura, you are spot on with the seeing someone's room to get an idea what they expect. No one would ever be intimidated by us if they saw the laid-back mess we sleep on.

Margaret, our bed sheets are one giant burp cloth when we have a new baby. Isn't it grand?!

Emily said...

Love it! I can't tell you how many times I have had "late night booby traps" such as toys or the laundry basket to stumble over in the dark.

chelsea said...

I love it. Did you look down at your shirts and say, "Hey, we kind of match! Maybe we should take some pictures of us."

Linzi said...

Matt is such a good sport :)