Monday, July 27, 2009

The light at the end of the tunnel

Without Duke I'm just the cookie part of an ice-cream sandwich.
I'm just the kite string.
Without him I feel a little like act two of "Into the Woods."
He is R2D2 and I am C3Po. As nerdy as that is. Actually I'm pretty sure he's C3Po. He knows everything. He is cautious. And he sort-of walks like him. But that is not what I meant to write about.
I know when I leave for Oregon, I will be with the boys. And my mom and dad. And my brothers and sisters. But the thought of 4 months without my love is making my tummy hurt.
I better enjoy the time I have left.
I'm going to go find him and smooch him. Right now.

School will end. He'll come to me. We'll have our baby and give said child a name. And then we're going to write a new list of goals and start to work again.

Yikes. I said I was going to go find and smooch him. And I haven't yet!

No time like the present.

Happy Tuesday to you.


emily said...

4 months? that is too long. :( hold him close while you can!

cara. said...

what part of oregon will you be in?! are you moving here?

The life of Jayne said...

What a nice post!! How sweet!

Megan Marie said...

Cara, we'll be just south of Portland. Are you a fellow Oregonian? Goody!

perfectly peri said...

you are too cute for words!


Greg and Michelle said...

4 months is a long time!! Will you guys be able to see each other at all during that time? Dang school!! Sometimes life just isn't easy and sometimes I really don't like that it isn't! I wish you the best!!

the mama monster said...

oh dear 4 months is far to long to be with out your honey! good luck to you and your boys.

Lauren said...

Why are you going away for so long? That is so long. And you just did this last summer. You had better smooch him more than once :)

Megan Marie said...

My due date is right around graduation, and we'll have to be out of our apartment. I need to get a doctor in Oregon so I don't arrive there and have to deliver the baby with a stranger. I also don't want to move with a newborn. So, yeah, that's the plan. I am getting all the smooching in that I can!