Friday, July 17, 2009

A morning ritual

When I eat Lucky Charms (or Marshmallow-Mateys because I like to buy the big bags) I eat all the cereal first, and leave the marshmallows for the end. Sometimes they try to sneak into my mouth by sticking to the bottom of my spoon. So It makes breakfast a game!
With the sweetest prize at the end. A bowl full of delicious color!

Sparky always says, "I'll trade you" when my bowl looks like this.

What makes you you? Stay quirky and strange. And colorful. Please?


The Henderson Family said...

Chris does the same thing!!! I think its hilarious! I prefer to eat them without milk!

Carolyn said...

is there any other way to eat marshmellow maties?? i really think that cereal could bring out the OCD in anyone. My only variation is having it with water instead of milk....a carry over from my first pregnancy milk repulsion. I can't take the chance of eating them now, instead my sickness ruins them forever!...but Oh how i miss them.

you are on a posting rampage! i love it.

Margaret said...

That's funny cause I do things like that all the time. Makes my life more exciting

Laura said...

Sparky, what a wee chancer! It's always worth asking though, right? I'd do that same thing.