Wednesday, July 22, 2009

my birthday wish.

I wish for a Silly Girl Photo Shoot. Not familiar? Check out past S.G.P.S.s here.

My wish is coming true tonight. But it will only be complete with you, my Rexburg friends.

Meet at 7pm.

In front of building 11 at the UV.

Dress like this.

We'll be pretending to be floating away with balloons.

Happy birthday to me!!!!


Laura said...

Happy Birthday! I hope the shoot is ridiculously fun! I'm heading into Seattle tonight to meet up with Blue Lily and Tyty to celebrate your birthday ;)

Megan Marie said...

oooOOOOOoooo I'm jealous. have some fun, eh????

emily said...

happy birthday!! it's my mom's birthday too :)
i hope you have a lovely one!!!!

perfectly peri said...

Happy Birthday! It almost made me cry when i read the feature of my on Yellow Brick.
:) It made me soooooo happy.
You are a wonderful blog buddy!
You make me smile.
thank you SO MUCH!
I love that blog.
what a good idea!
thanks again!
p.s i love the pictures of the balloons.