Monday, July 20, 2009

And the work-week begins

This weekend I took a few photos.
We walked over a rattle-snake, and ran away very quickly.
We played in a stream, and became quite sunburnt.
Duke and I enjoyed teaching Sunday-school.
We played bocce-ball with some dear friends.
And we completely trashed our house!

So today, I will be cleaning, while Duke takes a bazillion tests at school.

Which do you despise more; laundry or dishes?


Scott and Stacia said...

Oh Chores!! I would have to say I hate both!! But if I had to choose I would probably say laundry! It takes longer to get done and then it is a miracle if they get put away before they are worn next. As Scott says, "I love how our dryer becomes a shelf for clean clothes" or "where are my pants, they are not on the dryer" For real!! Although I don't like the dishes either, at least they don't take so much time to get done...and if the food is stuck on the dishes you can soak them while you get something else done in the mean time :) I love how much time you spend with your boys and husband. Sometimes I get caught up in the everything has to be clean mode. Enjoy!! Miss you guys (and your boys that I feel I know even though I have never met them)!!

emily said...

dishes. i very much appreciate having a washer/dryer because for a whole year (i sound so spoiled) our laundry facility was on another floor and it was $2 every wash, $2 every dry. so expensive!!
so now we have our own washer/dryer and it's bliss.

the dishes can wait :)

Jennifer said...

Laundry, Laundry, Laundry! I don't mind switching the loads when I remember to but folding and putting away bores me.

Doesn't it seem like it's always make a mess pick up a mess.

Splash park I miss you I must visit you soon again!

The Henderson Family said...

Both equally! I would definitely rather be playing with the girls outside!

The life of Jayne said...

Laundry! (since that is what I am doing today!) But tonight, when I am doing dishes...I might just switch my vote!;)

Anonymous said...

dishees :D because i dont have a dishwasher