Monday, July 6, 2009

Thoroughly Enchanted

Duke and I have been listing the things that we craved as children, that are a part of us, that enchant us even today.

Duke's list so far:
Secret passage ways

My list is longer:
Swimming pools, lakes, water parks, the ocean, puddles... water
Trampolines with sprinklers going underneath
Cotton candy machines
Lemonade stands, run by young entrepreneurs

I'm seeing stars.

Fireworks enchant me, in a way.
They put Sparky under their spell this year.
Iggy, however, was more interested in the holiday food. I wish I could say that he's been eating delicious raspberries or watermelon. Actually, his face is smeared with the licorice we used to bribe him while we sat through the movie "Up."
I cried through the whole film. And I'm really not sure what kind of movie it is, but it worked for me.
I will never grow out of my love for face paints and pipe-cleaner crowns. Oooo, I should put them on my "enchanted" list.
Before we know it, summer will be lost under a blanket of leaves. I plan to thoroughly enjoy what we have left. This shouldn't be hard, considering I'll be with the boys of my dreams.
And then I will look forward to my autumn loves:

Pondering my Halloween costume
Hot apple cider
Snuggling with my honey
School-bus stops, packed with excited kids
Dusting off my favorite books
Warm rain


Brieanna said...

It's kind of funny that Matt said secret passageways, Joe loves the idea of secret passageways as well. I think it's so important to think about the things that once "enchanted" us and still do. It helps us keep our perspective. I wish Joe and I could have been in on the conversation. I love the pipe-cleaner crown, I have never worn one myself, but you wear everything so well. I hope you guys had a good fourth of July, and next year, we'll hopefully all be in the same state. How are you by the way? How's the pregnancy? I need to get your e-mail so I can write to you.

Mandy said...

In all honesty - - you are one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen. It is such a pure beauty. I know I don't know you - but I just wanted to tell you. Your family is darling also!