Friday, August 7, 2009

Dear Little Brother

I like you because of...

1. the way you were:
*You wore duct-tape swords every day of your life until you were 10.
*You made "magic potions" and got people to drink them all the time.
*The Ewoks were your best friends.
*Once you were determined to "live off the land" and you ate maple leaves for a whole day.
Photobucket Photobucket
*You booby trapped the house with string. A lot.
*I made you jealous by telling you I was abducted by E.T.
Photobucket Photobucket
*Everyone always loved you instantly; old people, dogs, babies, girls... EVERYONE
*No matter how mad we got at each other, we always became friends again.
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2. the way you are:
* You are the best phone converser ever.
*Things are rough sometimes, but you always make the most of it.
* You are about to become the coolest dad in the world!
*You love your wife dearly and you are sacrificing daily to give her a wonderful life.

When did we get so old?
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You'll always be Joey to me. I love you.


Brieanna said...

Megan, you made me cry! Not just cry but sob! I was reading this and Joe came home from work, and he was like- are you okay? and I barely got out the words- Megan wrote a blog about you, it's so wonderful. I hugged him and didn't let go for like 15 minutes. Thank you Megan. I feel so blessed to have Joe in my life and at times so undeserving. I don't know what else to say...this touched my heart so incredibly.

Glo said...

What's with the old thing? You guys might be getting old, but not me....Right? I'm so proud to have my children become friends. I am proud to see their lives matter and I'm proud to have been included in their past and hopefully long into their future. I love you! Mom

PS. Matt and Brie, you are included in my pride. And I am glad that you have chosen to be in our family's life, as well.