Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Yuppies. Young Urban Professionals. We have a secret desire to join them. We just don't have any money, is all. Today Duke did wear a sweater-vest though. And we went to the most touristy town we could find around here. Jackson, Wyoming.
They may have an Eddie Bauer, but the town lacks a Starbucks. Plus, the people who frequent Jackson, although equipped with expensive and trendy taste, are cowboys at heart.

So, really they are their own class of Yuppy. Giddyuppy.
All the western folk in the Completely-All-Natural-Food-and-Stuff Cafe thought our boys were as adorable as can be. They shared a five-dollar hotdog.
Those people were right. My babies are even cute when the sulk on time-out.

I love the world we live in. It is so full of people.


jen said...

I love Jackson! (I was just there last month!)
You do have some cute kiddos, and I always love that necklace on you!

emily said...

haha. people are fun :) and i love j-hole