Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm my father's daughter

How do you like our new stroller? Duke and I fashioned it from the frame of our old jogger. We make a great team! I have the big ideas and he has the know-how.
It was a one-kid jogger... and I have two-almost-three. So the solution was obvious to me! Throw all the kids in a bucket!!!
It's complete with seat-belts and cup holders. Plus it's only as wide and long as a single-stroller! No more struggling through doors for me!

My very resourceful dad will be giving me the "thumbs up" on this one.


emily said...

how very creative :)

aezra noell said...

wow, that is awesome! you should do a tutorial to show off that creative brain of yours! faithful reader here.
P.S. you're beautiful

Brieanna said...

HA's such a Stubbs thing. I love it!!!