Thursday, August 27, 2009

More than you ever cared to know...

Yay! Made it safely!!!

Usually I play this game with Duke on our road trips. Well, he was in the moving truck. Iggy is not much for conversation, so I played alone. I start with "A" and go through the letters of the alphabet. Rules: the word must START with the letter (or the letter must be alone), letters must be spotted in alphabetical order.

Stupid Z. I dislike you. Where were you when I really needed you???

In further news, Sparky is adjusting. He loves his aunties, and has been having all sorts of fun testing the boundaries of a new household. He'll be fine.
I don't know if Iggy really cares what's going on. He seems pretty happy here.
Life is good!


Anonymous said...

How entertaining. I've never gotten a Z in that game either!

Stephanie and Todd said...

I love that game! My only concern is that you were taking pictures while you were driving! But I'm glad the move went well and you guys are doing good!

The Henderson Family said...

You are greatly missed here! I keep expecting to see you and the boys at the playground and am sad when I remember you moved!

emily said...

fun game!