Saturday, August 8, 2009

Our first home together

Quite some time ago, one of my best friends and I we were talking about leaving school, and a place full of friends that we dearly love, someday. She told me that adult birds, when their babies are coming close to being old enough to leave, remove the feathers, string, and other soft, comfortable items from the nest, leaving only the twiggy skeleton of their home.
We discussed our Heavenly Father, and decided that He does the same for us. This sweet friend, one of my dear feathers, is gone now, graduated. Many of my closest friends have moved on, each family leaving their mark on ours. The feelings of great awe I had about campus and our apartment complex have faded into a dull familiarity. And now our home, our first home, is naked bones. I am ready.
I adore empty closets. My closet is usually packed from top to bottom. When I gave half of my clothes (and about 12 pairs of shoes) to a thrift store, Duke asked, "is this going to end up costing me?" I can't deny I hear the mall calling. Bring on the new. Place. Stuff. Adventure.
There are friends still here that I will miss so very much. But I am a feather in their nests. And in order for them to feel comfortable leaving when their time comes, we must say goodbye.

And I plan on taking full advantage of the vast network of friends we will have all over the nation, and even in other countries, when it gets to be vacation time.

So thankful for our first home together; the only home my babies have ever known.

So ready for the next chapter in our cheeky story.

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