Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Story.

They grow Nevada boys rough, and oh so handsome. This naive, Utah girl never had a chance.
My very first job was working the counter of a photography supply store in Oregon. I was 16. And I loved my boss desperately. I remember the time Duke asked me if I needed a ride to the company party. I bought a new outfit, and just about peed my pants when he came to pick me up. It was, of course, not a date. He was, after all, 23 years old. And my boss.

Over the next few years he talked me through multiple relationships, as my very best friend and confidant. I watched him date beautiful women. A part of me wanted him, but most of me knew it would never happen. He was not the same religion as I am. He smoked and drank. And I was just a little girl.

Just before my 19th birthday, we both found ourselves single. The flirting made work a dream, until the tension started to get a little weird. We would brush by each other behind the counter and I would have to grip the nearest showcase and catch my breath.

Duke still makes mention of "the day he cracked." I was in the darkroom in the early morning, washing my hair in the sink, because I didn't have time to take a shower that morning. He peaked his head in. And the sight of me drying my hair cracked him. The next day you can bet I took a shower before work. I curled my hair and pranced around in my favorite heels. As a heaven-send, he was transfered to manage a larger store that week, and no longer called himself my boss. :)

As it turns out, it did happen. I got him. He ended up joining the LDS church, after we dated a long while, and one year later we were married in the Portland, Oregon temple.
Love. Is. Found. All the time. In the weirdest places.


Yelena R. said...

Aww that is an absolutely adorable story! You guys are so cute!

emily said...

"we're a mess but so in love." i love it. such a great story. very unique. I. LOVE. IT.

Matthew James said...

I want to go to there...

Christiana said...

So beautiful.

Love your love story.

The Heathen Caboose said...

Like you say, every one has thier story. Yours is my favorite. :)

chelsea said...

You guys are so good for each other! And now look at the cute kids you have!

Carolyn said...

i wish my memory didn't suck. I don't remember any fun details about our story. This is SOOO cute. I am in love with your family.