Friday, August 28, 2009

there are silly girls to be found

It seems I will be shooting with a younger group of ladies. My sister Tamsin is 15. She has an incredibly beautiful and photogenic look, plus a variety of very silly friends who have been getting excited about photoshoots.

Here is my Tamsin.

Here is her friend, McKayla.
Cute, right?

I have another darling baby sister, Emily. So again, a young clientele for silliness. It comes so naturally for her!

And as if that wasn't exciting enough, I have Marissa, my little brother's girlfriend. What a pleasure it is to photograph this young lady!

It feels awesome to have instant girl-friends. I have to say, though, they make me feel a little old. And top-heavy.
I hope to find some mommy-friends soon. :) I need to get some other pregnant chicks in front of the camera, so I don't feel so lonely!

More swim pictures here.

Hey, it's Friday. How great is that?

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emily said...

ohhh i wanna go swimming now