Saturday, August 29, 2009

The thing about having sisters...

There is a sort-of age gap between my sisters and I. I'm 8 1/2 years older than Tamsin, and 15 1/2 years older than Emily. So we were never really fast-friends. I was busy with school and friends, and only ever spent enough time with them to be bossy and mean.

Tamsin and I became friends when she was about 11 years old. I had already moved out of the house for a while, and I moved back home. I realized that up to that point I had been missing out on getting to know one of the coolest girls around. We shared a room and stayed up late each night reading Harry Potter out-loud together. I am so glad for that time we had.
When Emily was born, I felt weird holding her in public, just because people assumed she was mine. For a totally prude, little girl, it's a bit embarrassing. So she was always just the baby.

She was the cute-little-flower-girl at my wedding. 5 years old. Duke and I left for school then, just a couple of days later, and we've only been around for shorts visits since. Somewhere along the way, Emily grew, a lot. She reminds me of my mom. She makes me laugh. But I haven't quite figured out who she is yet. I'm determined to discover her. I guess that's the number one reason we've moved back to Oregon.

She fits like a glove.

She's a bit of a mystery.

But two things I know:
It's never too late to become friends with sisters.
I would do anything for these girls.


*Lesli* said...

You're all adorable. I am five years older than one sister, my best friend, and 19 years older than Hannah, the baby. I was already moved out of the house when she was born. I have felt very guilty because we are not close and it feels weird sometimes even to hug her. I love her very much, but the 19 year gap has definitely been a dis-service to our relationship. This past summer I turned 32, Christon turned 27, and Hannah turned 13. Each year a feel a little bit closer to her. Maybe some day we will be best friends too :) Thanks for sharing.

emily said...

you ladies are so cute.

sisters are the best :))