Thursday, September 17, 2009

The final countdown.

We made a paper chain counting down the days until Daddy gets here.
Keep scrolling to feel my pain.

Top 5 things I miss about him today...

1. When he pinches my bum and tells me I look hot.

2. The songs he makes up in the car about whatever he sees at the moment.

4. Watching him wrestle with the boys.

5. Sneaking out to "run errands" (but really to get hot chocolate together).


emily said...

so sorry... come back soon Duke!

Scott and Stacia said...

Maybe a chain wasn't the best idea...that looks so very long. At least you can look forward to taking one off each day. I love how supportive you two are of one another. Stay strong!!

Lauren said...

When the idea was suggested I was thinking you would do like the last month :) The boys will love taking a chain off everyday and each day you will come closer and closer to seeing Duke! Good luck how blessed that you can be with your family through this tough time and aren't alone with just you and the boys.