Saturday, September 12, 2009

the lives of passionate people

Spending time with her can be like spending time with another me. We had so many dissimilarities from the start in our ages, our looks, and (for the last few years) our place of residence, so I guess we've never tried to be different from each other on purpose, like so many sisters do. Now, as it turns out, we share numerous characteristics, physically and otherwise.

Passionate, we are. Dominated and easily affected by intense emotion. The ups are WAY up. But the downs; mean reds.
Tamsin, despite receiving an invitation to call-backs, didn't make the school play this fall. Her heart was broken for the afternoon, for she had given her whole self to the endeavor. The above pictures are from our consolation walk downtown and italian soda splurge. I remembered losing the race for Junior Class President so many years ago and I felt for her.

But that was yesterday.
Today she has totally forgotten her troubles. We spent the morning helping her friend with his Eagle Scout project; repainting a building at a children's discovery center.

And she has something else on which to focus that passion of hers.
I approve, though she has a few months before she is 16 (the dating age in our family). This kid shines with goodness. And I'm sure you noticed he's pretty handsome.

Though we are a bit volatile, our passion keeps things exciting and fresh. Enthusiasm runs through my veins and pumps in my heart. I'll take the intense darkness sometimes if it means I can better appreciate a more brilliant light.

PS- Service projects make me feel all exuberant. What a neat life this is.


timewilltell said...

Beautiful! You look like twins! Reminds me of me and my sister--we're nine years apart. :)

chelsea said...

Finally a baby bump!

Rachel said...

I feel the same way about my sister Cindy and me. We were worlds apart growing up, but now I would say we are closer than any of my other sisters and I. We discovered how similar we are after I got married. It's great that you and Tam are discovering each other before then. You make me miss living with girls!