Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Now that you're gone.

You accidently left a shirt behind. I think it was a tender mercy from the Lord, because I wear it as often as I can get away with. It's funny how I've got a whole wardrobe of lovely things but I elect to wear a baggy, blue T-shirt with a pirate ship on the front. I blame longing.
Other things that give me strength and comfort while my love is so far from me...

*Smelling every article of clothing as I transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer. The clean makes me happy.
*Watching romance movies from the early 90s. I especially love the paramount movie montage that they play in the previews, set to "take my breath away." Cheesy, yes, I know.
*Singing "the daddy song" with the boys.
*Unfortunately... FOOD. I'm about to get huge. It doesn't help that we're heading into the holidays.

What should I do for comfort to replace my eating? Any ideas?


emily said...

hymns have helped me this week...


I'm sooo much of an emotional eater! But if I can't eat I hike! Or walk or run, or do something active:) It helps a little. But so does dark chocolate, which isn't as bad as milk right?!

Btw we totally need to hang out!

Scott and Stacia said...

Hang in there! You guys are so strong to be able to do this! I hope you are able to talk on the phone tons!!!

j.peri said...

what editing program do you use???? It is so cute!
You are so cute!