Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Simple Bat Halloween Display Tutorial

I'm on a craft rampage! Join me! I'm pretty excited because I thought of this one all on my own.
you will need:
Cotton balls
Paper lunch sacks
Sparkly gems for eyes (or something like that)
Black spray paint
Mod podge
Glue gun

for optional mounting board:
a long, skinny cabinet door (or something like that)
Fake spider webs
small blocks of foam(or some material like that) to mount the bats onto the board

1. Cut out bat shape from cardboard. My bats ended up being about a foot and a half long. Tip: fold a piece of paper or cardboard in half, draw one side of your bat, and cut the paper so you can fold our a symmetrical bat. You can use this as a pattern if you'd like. I wanted each of my bats to be different, so I cut them out one-by-one.
2. Hot glue a cotton ball to the belly of your bat. Glue the yarn onto the wings to create the looks of a skeletal structure.
Your bat might look something like this...
3. Crinkle up a paper lunch sack until its texture is soft and evenly rippled. Cover the front of your bat liberally with Mod Podge, taking care to get all the corners in between the yarn.
4. Press the lunch sack firmly onto the front of your bat and use your fingers to smooth out the paper.
5. Trim excess paper from around the bat and fold the edges of the paper, using Mod Podge to secure them to the back. Yours may look something like this...
6. Spray-paint the bat black. I chose to spray somewhat unevenly, leaving some of the brown visible in places, to give the bats a more realistic look.
7. Hot glue eyes in place. And there you have it! A SPOOKY...
You can certainly stop there and use the bats as you would like... In a wreath... along your fence posts... the possibilities are endless!

I mounted them on an old cabinet door we had lying around. To do the same...
1. Spray paint the door black
2. Spray paint a small block of foam (or anything, really) black for each bat you have. The foam blacks I used were about 2x2x1 inch. Hot glue one block on the back of each bat. Then glue the other side of the block onto the door. This gives the display depth, so the bats pop out a bit.
3. Use fake spider webs as a finishing touch.
And there you go!!!

Top 5 things I love about early fall:
Halloween crafts
Hot chocolate parties, late at night
Snuggles with my boys
Cold, dewy mornings
My church's general conference, which, after attending, inspires me to be a better me.

Enjoy the splendor of the season.


Heather said...

I am absolutely going to have to try and make these! So much fun!

Hayden's Space said...

you Megan my friend have way too much time on your hands:)but wait how much fun did the boys have helping you though:)

Laura said...

Megan! These are great! You're like Spooky Martha Stewart these days, it's brilliant!

Matthew James said...

You never cease to amaze me. These things are awesome! I love you.

Scott and Stacia said...

Those are amazing! How creative! I love them!

the mama monster said...

another great halloween idea. it would be cool to make the light eyes on these too. i love fall too!

Stephanie and Todd said...

I love these so much! In fact, Holly and I are making them this Friday! Thank you so much for this post!!