Friday, September 4, 2009

wake-up call.

Each morning my parent's cats congregate on top of my dad. The dog usually joins the bunch to make it official. They don't leave him alone until he gets up to feed them.

The boys are new additions to this morning dog-pile.
The animals love the boys because they drop a lot of food on the floor.
You know, the name I call my youngest son on this blog, "Iggy", is actually the dog's name.
And "Sparky" comes from this cat.
My mom actually uses the dog's name and my son's name interchangeably by accident now.

It's a bit confusing.

Here are the happy felines. Sparky, Duke, and Cholla. We have another, Fitzgerald.
I'd say the boys have gotten over their fear of animals, eh?


Laura said...

haha, I love this. You're dad is so cute. The boys don't look scared of animals at all now, time to test the horsey fear!

Laura said...

you better have some more kids so you can name one after each pet!

The life of Jayne said... cute! We want a dog SO bad....someday I hope!! :)