Thursday, October 15, 2009

fly, little ones.

I entered a photo contest this morning with these photos of the boys. This contest was for the aviation museum near us. They wanted pictures of people enjoying the exhibits.
I think my photos will be pretty different from most, because the majority of people they get coming through there are like 85.

The top picture is of the kids sitting in a small plane and looking up at all the beautifully painted planes suspended overhead.

"To inspire and educate, to promote and and preserve aviation and space history, and to honor the patriotic service of our veterans." -The mission of the museum

What a great outing, filling my life with even more of that splendid color I crave, and filling my heart with respect and appreciation for something so grand as flight.


emily said...

i love that last one. too cute.

Scott and Stacia said...

I love them!! I hope they take them both! I never take pictures without heads--so cute!