Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The healing power of theatrics

I have had this listless feeling that I just can't shake. I check off everything from my list each day, read my scriptures, do my exercises, say my prayers and still I feel unsettled.

I've asked myself why... and the answer is so obvious... I miss my husband. Duh. BUT I can't just sit around pining for him for 10.5 more weeks.

So bring on the silliness!
I haven't decided if my silly-girl-photo-shoots are a cure-all or just a distraction from the pains. Band-Aids on a bruise. Pretty, sparkly Band-Aids; the kinds that cause celebrations over scratches.
In the past, though, woman have let me know how much the shoots helped them through rough spots. And I guess I need a taste of my own medicine.

Tonight I dragged Emily away from the disney channel. I hope Hannah Montana will forgive me for stealing such an avid fan. I needed her more. We sat in the dark, set the camera for long exposures and used an external flash to take turns lighting each other up. (See below image)
Photography... Makeup... Costumes...

Feel the healing power.

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