Sunday, October 18, 2009

The road ahead

Dear little sister,
I hope that you can always keep that light in your eyes. They shine because you are good, pure, loving, and happy. They shine because you are trying your best to be like your Savior.
For some strange reason, the next ten years of your life seem to be the most crucial, as far as decision-making goes. There will be dating, kissing, working, college-applying, graduating, packing, unpacking, self-governing, courting, perhaps marrying, most likely more graduating, and maybe even mothering.

The answers will come as you continue to seek to do the Lord's will. I know this.

You are beautiful. I love you,


Scott and Lori Smith said...

I wish I had a sister! Well, now I have 3 because of Scott

Sunshine said...

I love the light in Tamsin's eyes too, and I love watching the way the two of you are increasing your relationship. Aren't sisters the best!