Thursday, December 17, 2009

A richly dressed tree

I have always had a certain fondness for very trendy and intentionally designed trees like this one.

But I am changing. There really is nothing so wonderful as a tree that is full of hand-made loveliness from years past, and special, gift ornaments that bring back floods of memories.
I've taken down the sleek, white lights that lined my ideal Christmas and replaced them with a clashing mix of the brightest strings of color.

Having kids has changed the way I see the world, I'm sure even in ways that I haven't realized.

Breakable ornaments go on the top. Candy-canes will all disappear before a week has gone by.

What does your ideal Christmas look like?


aezra noell said...

So funny, that we've both come to this same realization recently. First it was about the prettiest, the picturesque homemade and original. and im lovin it

Jessica Bjorn said...

I too have had the same realization. I remember in high school looking at my mom's Christmas tree and thinking how terrible it was (I was not a very nice teen)... I really wanted to have those beautiful designer trees, and coveted my friend whos mom put up three Christmas trees each with their own specific design.
But now I am in love with our candy canes, plastic, and plush mismatched ornaments. And I have an odd attachment to the breakable ornaments that were given to my kids when they were born my my mother, and my ordainment that my grandma gave to me when I was born...
Thank you for your comment on my blog. It made my day! I miss you guys as well, I feel bad that we moved away before we could get to be better friends.

Lacey said...

Some days I wake up and think, Megan's not really gone..... but then I look outside and realize that you are. I miss talking with you, you are a great friend and wonderful mother. You were an example to me so many times when I needed one and I'm so grateful that I have had a chance to have you in my life. I'm glad we're still friends :D