Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Capital Day

A bit of advice I am only now taking to heart; "Your kids don't care where you go together, they just want to be with you." I've been advised with this and similar statements lately as I've been floundering in my day-planning.
They aren't teenagers, for goodness sake. Chances are slim of my two year old rebelling when I take him to a new place and complaining of "lameness." I used to thrill in simply riding my bike to a gas station and choosing between a ring-pop or chico-stick.
I don't need to enroll them in a gymnastic class or take them to an indoor water park for them to have fun. Their idea of a grand day includes collecting sticks and throwing them in a puddle.
I think a day's successfulness, for a mother, can be judged by answering a few simple questions; Was I available for my children? Did I listen? Did I tell and show them I love them?
The rest doesn't matter so much. But if they can experience new things, all the better! I find, when I'm lost and bored, I like to take them to places that remind me of their father: The places we went when we were dating. The settings of our adventures together before we were joined by our boys.
Today we went to Oregon's Capital Building. They adored the spinning doors and loved the echo of their voices in the beautiful entry-way and rotunda area.
They tired themselves out climbing stair after stair. And I enjoyed the 19th century details: phone booths, door knobs, carvings, and paintings.
We walked the grounds.
Chased ridiculously fat squirrels.
The best part was that we laughed together.
And I think they could feel that I love them.

"I would say to each mother, each father—be a good listener. Communication is so vital today in our fast-paced world. Take time to listen. I would encourage you to be available to your children. I have heard it said that no man, as death approaches, has ever declared that he wished he had spent more time at the office." -Thomas S. Monson

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