Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jump-start Spring with a swing

Last year I was able to wait until March before I started blabbing on about how much I love Spring. The official first day of Spring this year will be March 20th. But I'm celebrating now, especially since our Oregon back-yard is budding and my dad adorned our tree with a tire-swing!
What girl doesn't love to be pushed on a swing by her sweetheart?
And what little kid wouldn't come running if he saw his parents having that much fun with out him?
Thanks for the swing, dad. We are loving it.


Chasey and Cash said...

Did you really just have a baby? You look amazing and you two are so cute I can't stand it!

leigh said...

Ahem...not to be too personal but wow, there is no way that I could have sat on that swing after I had either of my babies for at least 8 weeks.

You're not even flinching.

I love these pics. They are too sweet.

Megan Marie said...

I've been fortunate in the healing department, for sure. Which brings fun back quickly but gives me no excuse not to get right back to work!

Thanks, missies.

The life of Jayne said...

You look great! And dont you just LOVE that it is feeling like spring! Hopefully it sticks around!! :)

Tanya said...

you guys are too cute!

Rach said...

I want your bike!! Do you guys have a trailer to pull the kids? we should do a family bike ride if you do....we totally dig bikes.

Grace said...

Oh, how sweet this is!
I wouldn't mind taking a swing myself.

<3 Grace.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, looovely swing! You look so full of life! :) I'm waiting for spring, too. 100% my favourite! :)