Thursday, January 14, 2010

love, courage and triumph

Baby blues, I've been expecting you. Usually I would dispel you with drastic change such as cutting off all of my hair or reorganizing and redecorating my whole house. Well, I promised my husband I'd leave my hair alone this time. And I just organized and decorated our new place a few weeks ago. Pah.
Today I've lessoned your effect by braiding and re-braiding my lengthy locks.
The blues is not so bad, really. Just a somber melancholy. I haven't encountered the mean reds or any such thing.

My plan for the rest of this dismal mood is to get lost in far off adventures through my reading. I'm currently traveling to the Underworld along with the heros in Rick Riordan's "The Lightning Thief." If you've read any exciting tales of love, courage, and triumph, I'd appreciate any leads. Happy endings only, please.

I watched Moulin Rouge thinking that its call for "freedom, beauty, truth and love" would be uplifting. I failed to take into account the main character's tragic death. What a bummer.

I know that I'm not the first woman to feel this way, and I won't be the last. We must pass through these things so that we will be able love and comfort weary souls we may encounter later in our lives. I'm thankful for the experiences that have enriched my heart with understanding and compassion.

A few sad days is a small price to pay for sympathy in my character.


The life of Jayne said...

I do really really love Nicholas Sparks books, though some have a sad ending, most are uplifting, and great! I have read every book of his, and each time I start one, its HARD to put the book down...

leigh said...

You are amazing.

Have you seen the movie Enchanted April? It's so beautiful and uplifting. Maybe you should watch that! Hang in there.

Glo said...

I wish that I didn't have to work. I could come and we could play together. I love you and I know that this too, shall pass.

taken by tiffany said...

you have a beautiful family and a beautiful soul... here's to short-lived blues!!

jen said...

I hope you're feeling more joyful. I'm sad to hear you're blue.