Saturday, January 23, 2010

Photos from my date with Sparky...

Ten (though there are so many more) neat things about Sparky...
1. He says things like "oodalolly", shoots a bow and arrow, and wears a sweet hat with a feather.

2. When he spills things, he cleans the mess up with out being asked. I walked in on him picking up his spilled cereal off the floor and he said, disgruntled, "I'm messy like brother!"
3. So long as he can overcome his bossiness impulses, he is quite kind to other kids.

4. This "Hey Ya" cover is his favorite song. He calls it "shake shake".
5. He's learning to overcome his fear of Kevin the Bird from the movie UP.

6. I've had a killer headache the past couple of days and each time I laid my head in my folded arms he asked, "Mommy, are you OK?"
7. His smiles part the grey, winter clouds.

8. He jumps up and down celebrating when I tell him we are going to church.
9. When we went to the candy store yesterday he just wanted to get candy for everyone who wasn't with us.

10. He is just under three but he has certain qualities of a little man of the house. I could not have survived all those months without a husband last year were it not for Sparky's independent and capable spirit.

These picture are from our date yesterday!

Grandpa came over to be with Iggy and Fitz while we went out on the town together.

How I love my dear son.

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