Friday, January 15, 2010

stars upon thars

Sparky and I decided to add a little something to their playroom. This room is so sad and needs some serious help!
Decorating a boy's space is harder for me than a little lady's... no flowers or hearts. But everybody loves stars!
I'd like to add a bunch of cushions and bean-bag chairs in all sorts of colorful patterns!
Because a room with such lovely features should not feel so plain!
Ooooo, you should send me links to playrooms that you like! I would love that!


Laura said...

wow, what a great room! you can do so much with a space like that. you are going to have the best nursery! I love the stars.

Carrie said...

that room is amazing! and i love the stars. what a cute idea!
i also have boys and, although their room isn't near as cool as your boys' room, i have decorated with bright colors- orange, yellow, red, green, blue and i think they like it.

two of my favorite things (although you can't see them that well in the pictures)- the circle ikea rugs and the chicken wire showcasing their art.

you can see it here-

and here-

and here-

Megan Marie said...

Carrie, thank you! I love the little corner with the desk and the shelf above the bed! How cute! It's all in the details, isn't it? I hadn't thought of rugs before, but that could really liven things up! Thank you, again, for sending me the link!

The life of Jayne said...

I am not a very crafty person so my kids rooms are kinda plain, but I love to look at Land Of Nod website, and there is so many cute Ideas that you could copy and do your self!

Megan Marie said...

Jayne! Cute website! I had never seen that, thanks!