Saturday, January 23, 2010

we need a do-over

A disastrous parent-child date.
But he was a good sport about it.
We went to Goodwill to look for a few pots and pans for Iggy, since he has expressed an interest in cooking. What a nightmare! He broke a glass ball and ended up sitting in a cart while I spent FOREVER hunting through piles of dishes.
His only consolations were the gummy-bears we grabbed in the check-out line
and the beautiful drive home in the rain.
Iggy is a prince and was smiling and happy the whole date through. But I think we need a do-over.
The parent-child date is a somewhat new thing to me, but I know some of you have been doing it for a while. If you have any successful experiences to share (especially with young toddlers), I'd love some ideas!


The life of Jayne said...

Sometimes, I just go to Sonic, (half price drink hour) and we just sit in the car port there, and listen to music, and eat our treats...and people watch...kinda fun sometimes!

Another one is to go to the pet store...our kids just love looking at the fish and other little creatures.

Chasey and Cash said...

My kids just love any time "by themselves" with me. I'm sure your son didn't care where you were or what you were doing..he probably just loved his alone time!

emily said...

oh how fun to have dates with both those cute dudes. i love your photos. and i love goodwill.

Rach said...

going to a pet store or humane society and play with some kitties!

then go to great harvest and get a slice of bread:)