Monday, February 22, 2010

Cowboys and Indians

Lately I have been realizing just how free my body feels when I am not pregnant! No amount of running, jumping, sliding, crawling or wrestling can fill my insatiable urge to move.
I convinced some of my favorite people in this lovely Earth to play cowboys and indians capture the flag with me! We had a rousing game on Saturday when the sun came out.

My Duke.

My Sparky.

My Dad.

My Iggy.

My Fitz.

My Emily.

My mom.

And my Tamsin.

She joined us on her sweet-sixteenth birthday! Determined to have her first kiss now that she's sixteen, she tried to persuade a new friend to do the honors.
The goat declined when he realized she hadn't intended on feeding him.

I cannot express how alive I feel when the sun shines on my face. I fully intend to climb, swim, dance, gallop, and to become covered with freckles this summer. I will absolutely not take my body for granted, no, not ever!

This is the song I'm feeling today! Enjoy!


Margaret said...

Oh man, I appreciate my body when I'm not pregnant even more. I love it!

I'm happy it was nice and sunny and you were able to play capture the flag!

Rach said...

Hey, how much was that camera lens of yours, the 50mm one that doesn't zoom, but lets in a lot of light.



Vashti said...

So I just have to say I found your blog off a button from Rach M.'s blog. I was immediately mesmerized and before I knew it I had kept clicking older post until I had arrived at the beginning. I just need to tell you that I think you are lovely and will be a reader from now on. I was laughing out loud over the story of your mom hiding in the back of the suburban!
You are officially being blog stalked by me now, but maybe it's not stalking because I came out in the open right away? I just think you are really inspiring! ;)

Stephanie said...

I have to say, this is a tough post for me to read as I'm in my 3rd trimester, wishing that I could be out running and jumping in this Oregon sunshine. I suppose my time will come as well! :)