Monday, February 22, 2010

Emo Llama and other things that delight me.

The other day I met this llama. He kept shaking his hair out of his eyes in a very hip and stylish way. I was taking notes so that one day I might become cool like him.
Light and color and texture. Delicious!
The other day Iggy chased a chicken for nearly ten minutes. Later that night he slept very well. Weeee. (That's the sound of my delight)
Rusty old farm equipment, repurposed for children's enjoyment. Yum. Tiny kids on bikes that are too big for them so their feet don't reach the pedals. Heaven.
Sweet pictures of the fruit of my womb. Yes.
Slides made of irrigation piping! No way, right!? This place was the real deal in entertainment.
The other day I played in the sun with two new friends and their darling children.
Lucky, lucky me.
There are so many things for which I am thankful that it's like an overload! I get this feeling in my chest as I lay in bed at night like my heart is too big for its home. Sometimes I start to cry a little, overwhelmed by the beauty in my life.

Then my husband kisses me goodnight and tells me he loves me so very much.
And I go to sleep smiling.


Margaret said...

You lead such a beautiful life Megan.
I'm thankful for you!

emily said...

love this. the kiddies are so beyond as always but i love the emo llama :)

Kat & Paul said...

there are growing up so fast!