Thursday, March 18, 2010

close to home.

One thing I adore our move home is the renewed proximity to my siblings. Blocks away, really.

My how the boys reap the benefits of close family. They've got crazy uncles to toss them about.
And sweet aunties and one girly cousin to teach them to get along with ladies who aren't their mom (to keep them from turning out like this).
My brother Joe and his amazing wife Brie treated us to a swim party at the Kroc Center here in town.
All the cuteness coming from their darling baby is almost too much to handle!
They played until their lips turned blue. Iggy then sat on a chair and scowled at the water for making him wet.
While Sparky pleaded for five-more-minutes.
And we escaped the facility, each kid in one piece, which was no small feat.
Oh heavens, how we love our family. Thanks Aunty Brie and Uncle Joey, for a splendid afternoon.

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