Friday, March 19, 2010

my two cents.

Oh, I love to give my opinion about things. Who doesn't, really? Like all the award-show-dress-opinion posts. I didn't do one because I don't even have a TV so I didn't watch. But darned if I didn't want to put in my two cents about dresses I knew nothing about.

Answering questions makes me feel like a fancy psychologist. Only I've just attended the school of life, nothing legit.
That is why I posting this. To thank you for all of the questions I've been getting from you through my formspring account. You can click this following little picture to ask me anonymous questions and/or read my responses to the questions I've already answered.
Thanks again for your thought-provoking questions.

Much love,
Megan Marie


Stephanie Marie said...

two cents megan....two cents...

Megan Marie said...

that's exactly what i was thinking of, stoooooophsususus.